Voting for YOUR Social Justice Cause—Poster and Social Media Asset
For this project we had to choose something that threatens our Culture/Community (example "family" and "neighborhood gentrification"). We needed to find a candidate that is on the 2020 coming ballot that supports my cause, and create an awareness campaign that supports my cause and the candidate's position. Part of the project is to develop a synthesis between type, construction, and meaning. To convey meaning in a unique manner both in its ability to attract and communicate specific points. In this project we needed to address meaning and audience, while engaging in formal aesthetic construction issues; blending conceptual metaphors with textual meaning and compositional frameworks.
My community is very isolated and different from the rest of California and if it wasn't for the internet or a highway that runs through my city, no one would ever know about the city of Bakersfield. So I started looking for other instruments of sound that project our existence, and that is how I  came to  the word internet. From there, I focused in on what threatens the internet and how my community is able to use it to make our voices heard. This is how I came to learn a lot about Net Neutrality. 
Customer Journey Map + Research Boards
Next, we needed to brainstorm fictional personas that would be a part of the targeted audience for the poster.  A wide-range of personas was created to help us design the affect of someone being called to action after looking at my poster. This was difficult because Net Neutrality is a dense subject that not a lot of people know about, or have the time to research. There also isn't a lot of resources that are visually easy to digest on net neutrality. 
Sketched Concepts + First Rough Drafts
From our research, journey maps, and knowledge on our communities,  we needed to begin sketching and designing our concepts. For me, this was the most difficult part of the project because I didn't understand how to apply depth, pattern, or texture to my initial designs. My first few designs  received a lot of feedback because no one knew or understood enough about Net Neutrality to understand the metaphor I was trying to convey with highways and bandwidths being like toll roads. Finally I realized I would need to add text to my image, as well as adding tech to make sure visually my emphasis on the message that technology and the internet is being threatened in my community. 
Second Rough Drafts
The last image in the first rough drafts made me realize I can create better contrast and depth with the grid utilizing the colors I had in my palette. Part of the challenge in this project was we had to use the same colors, and type from our original project one design. My focus was now on repetition, movement, Path + Path Direction, form, and negative space. 
Final Image
My image became too busy in my second rough draft so I had to reduce the noise and focus on my main logic that there needs to be a stop to internet policies becoming a monopolized systems for ISP to bank on the peoples dime. I was able to accomplish this by re-centralizing the shape to look like a stop-sign -lock, centered in the middle of the state capital. I reorganized the hierarchy of my type and utilized my color palette more to add contrast to the text. What made my design successful in the end was the depth created by the grid structure in the back, the text to help visually bridge the information on net neutrality to the concept behind the art, and finally emphasizing space with the technological connotations of the internet (i.e. making my design have a more internet appeal to it). 
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