Project Three: Design Logo
I heard it through the vines; driving through the grapevine (Highway 99)
For Project three we needed to choose an animal, insect, or plant that represents our culture/cause.  Our challenge was to combine the animal, insect, or plant with the word we chose in Project One's Hero Image. My word was sound and it was based off of the southern valley culture, so using that as inspiration I chose grapes because in order for you to either to get from the Bay to LA, or vice versa, you need to pass through Bakersfield on the 99 which is nicknamed the grapevine because of the abundant vineyards you pass through. The goal of the logo is to  develop an icon and graphic lock up, by learning the processes essential to mark-making, incorporating imagery and type to create meaning. This is achieved by understanding the visual elements and processes to evoke meaning such as shape. inclusion, and abstraction of form.
Image Research and Shape Design 
One of the first challenges I had was how can I make an original shape based off of a grape, because really there is only one shape a grape can take on and that is round or bundled. So my focus shifted to the vine and how can I incorporate that into the shape of the grape. My next question, was how can I pair the icon with my type to have the concept or meaning of the grapevine carried into the word sound; part of the design challenge was to use a base shape (i.e. square, circle, star) to help us reform the icon to be better paired with our type. I tried focusing on a triangular shape since grapes are most commonly identified as being in bunches. 
Shape Rendering 
While rendering the shape I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could focus on just the singular shape of the grape, however it lost its context and the form did not carry through as grape, therefore the meaning was lost. 
After struggling so much with the icon, the next step gave me a break from shape and I was able to draw inspiration from my type. I initially wanted a grainy, textured, and gradient font because it would be in theme with Bakersfield, however I also wanted a sophisticated and line oriented design because it's how I feel Bakersfield should be seen. This is why in the rough rafts the icons are so drastically different. The most important part of the type for me was the line, texture, shape and color. 
Additionally, on the final design the visual distribution of the grape vine was only contained to the icon and it was not visual distributed. In order for me to distribute the concept of the grape vine, I deconstructed the grape leaf and adde the inside of the leaf to my D. 
Rough Drafts A+B
Final Draft
I ended up working more on Icon B, mainly due to feedback that it was structurally stronger and that it was the best rendition of the word I chose from project one. I also changed the line thickness to keep the same consistency with the font, as well as also incorporating more color into my final design. 
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