Yearbook saved my life, and sparked a passionate that is still giving me purpose to this day. My research was basely on my own personal experience as a high schooler attending a yearbook conference and learning how to design a yearbook. For many high schooler's this is their first time in an a design environment with other creative students and it can be both frightening and exciting. As I continued my research into my audience I realized how how I needed to heavily emphasize print design, since I will be focusing on the publication of a yearbook.  Teaching skills such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Lightroom are important, but the most important part of the conference will be teaching the design process - and helping them plan and build the best yearbook possible. Our job is to provide the tools and direction needed, for them to be self sufficient on their own. 
Project Goal and Creative Brief
Without a solid understanding of the design process, young designers can have trouble developing strong ideas and can struggle to  reach their goals. The goal of Tool Box Yearbook Conference, is to teach the essentials of design to high school aged students and yearbook teachers by providing them with the tools to build beautiful designs, workshops to develop skills, and  opportunities to connect with other professional creatives from Seattle, WA. Students and teachers will have the opportunity to explore the city of Seattle and connect with local photojournalists, publishers, writers, and graphic designers. These include the publishers of Seattle Magazine,  writers from the Seattle Times, local muralists who took to the streets during COVID, and a breakout session from the creative director of the Museum of Pop Culture. 

"All design is the process of making experiences - we provide the tools and start with the building blocks. Let us make this the best experience, and help you make the perfect yearbook. "
The name for this conference was inspired by the geometric and abstract shapes of the interlocking wood block toys. I was drawn to the simplicity of the shapes and the vibrant bright colors. As I began to build with the blocks and shapes, it occurred to me how much growth has taken place since I started in the Visual Communications Design Program. This growth was possible because my teachers helped provide the tools for me to be successful on my own, but teaching me over and over again the design process. Using the words 'creative' and 'educational,' I was able to map out the word tool box and that's where the name comes from. 
For my logo, I tried to stick simple block shapes and developed my own lettering blocks for the fonts. My goal was to originally create an icon but decided to create a word based logo in order to make the brand more recognizable.  I added a secondary color palette to the logo and this provided depth and form to my structure. 
Conference Program and App
Activation Marketing
Photo strips, in a sense, serve as the souvenirs of the conference that guests can take home. The very structure of photo booths allow for a target audience that encompasses a broad range of generations, unlike smartphones which are primarily used by a younger demographic.  The photo booths offered at the Tool Box Yearbook Conference has the ability to share photos digitally via email, the same photo booths also offer the option to share photos directly to social media, reducing the chance of users taking the time to alter or edit photos before posting and thus preserving authenticity. The photo-strips will be printed out with prompts on the back that students can write on to use as markers of their growth following each workshop or take away moment from what was learned within each group. The goal of each photo strip is for them to draw on the nostalgia on the moment and what made it special for them, especially as they continue to work with their yearbook throughout the school year. As they think about what they learned, they can mimic and apply the same skills at school and into the design foundations of their book - thus creating the perfect yearbook.
Written Case Study
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